Footage C1600 Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool

Footage C1600 Squeeze Tool

The model C1600 Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool is designed to squeeze 12 ” to 16 ” MDPE and HDPE pipe safely and effectively. The C1600 features custom stop blocks, aircraft-grade aluminum squeeze bars, chrome-plated steel side shafts and a 10,000 PSI hydraulic system with quick connect fittings. This CNC machined tool contains no welded parts and exerts 261 tons of squeezing force.

The unique lock-in / swing-out bottom bar design allows for quick and easy access to the pipe, even in confined spaces, and the lock down bolts ensure that a squeeze is maintained even if the hydraulics are disconnected. The C1600 also incorporates an efficient dog bone design on the jaws to obtain maximum flow control, while requiring minimal force to squeeze the pipe.

The C1600 also offers a grounding spike and custom stop blocks are available upon request.