PLCS Rapid Gas Extractor

PLCS Rapid Gas Extractor

Absolutely the fastest tool for extracting gas out of the ground when pinpointing a gas leak or removing residual gas from the ground.

Drop it in a bar hole and connect it to the compressor air supply. The powerful Venturi effect vacuum quickly pulls gas towards it and vents to the atmosphere. Every first responder should have one!

The RGE venturi tube vacuum design uses the right balance between airflow and suction to provide higher performance over other air movers. An air mover may have exceptional air volume flow, but low suction will not get the job done quickly. Unfortunately, this is a characteristic of many general-purpose air movers.

The RGE rapidly evacuates residual gas because of its strong airflow consumption at a maximum of 135 CFM and high air velocity of 412 ft/s, creating 180 inches of water suction lift.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Fast and Simple
  • Lightweight with No Moving Parts.
  • Inexpensive and Compact