Ritmo Delta 355 All Terrain

Ritmo Delta 355

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Delta 355 All Terrain welds HDPE, PP pipes and fittings for the transportation of gas, water and other fluids under pressure from  4” IPS to 14” IPS or from 125 mm to 355 mm.

DELTA 355 ALL TERRAIN can be equipped with two types of engine: diesel low vibration and gasoline. The engine, like an electrical generator, independently gives the necessary power supply to the machine during all its working and movement phases.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Independent, self contained
  • On board generator
  • Powered by a low vibration gas/diesel engine
  • Machine body and control panel can be easily removed for in-ditch use
  • Working range: Ø 4 IPS – 14 IPS (125 ÷ 355 mm)
  • Motorized wheels (front steering wheels and rear traction)
  • Heating plate and facer with gas-spring for easy lift/lower
  • Heating plate and facer locking system for safe transportation
  • Fusion Control “EASY LIFE”
  • GPS System incorporated
  • Electronic thermoregulator “Digital Dragon”
  • Milling cutter with safety micro-switch
  • micro-switch
• SMARTLock inserts
  • Two hydraulic rollers for pipe loading and unloading
  • Data-loggin incorporated
  • Memory 4000 reports
  • USB port for welding report, data download, firmware upgrade
  • 25 lt capacity tank
  • More than 12 working hours operating time
  • Kit for network power supply connection (on request) excluding the machine engine and weld in closed environments

EASY LIFE fusion system: hardware and software have been developed to interact to each other sharing data during the entire workflow. Once set the welding parameters up, the system guarantees the repetition of the welding cycle, avoiding errors. The operator only have to confirm the work phases on the just pushing a button. Possibility to pre-set 20 customized.

    On Request (Accessories):

  • Inserts Ø 4”÷ 12” IPS; 4”÷ 12” DIPS;  Ø 125 ÷ 315 mm
  • Tool for flange necks
  • HS 355 rollers
  • Print
  • Kit for IN-DITCH use
  • Plug for network power supply connection
  • Lifting kit

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