Itron CL34 Series Pressure Regulator

Itron CL34

Appropriate for commercial and industrial applications where very accurate pressure control is required such as “fixed-factor” metering applications or large boiler and furnace applications.

The CL34 is a constant pressure loaded regulator for use where closer PSIG to PSIG regulation is desired than can be obtained from conventional spring loaded regulators. Since it requires an inlet pressure supply of only 1/2 PSIG above outlet pressure, this unit can be used where demand type loading will not meet the low pressure differential.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Economical
  • Light weight
  • Accurate pressure control for “fixedfactor” measurement applications
  • No special start-up procedures required
  • Internal monitor version eliminates the need for external relief valves or separate monitoring devices
  • No special tools required for outlet pressure adjustment
  • No minimum differential pressure requirement
  • Constant loaded pilot design (“fixed-factor” pressure control)
  • Interchangeable brass orifice
  • 78 in2 of diaphragm area
  • Spring-loaded pilot internal relief valve assembly
  • Field interchangeable pilot adjustment spring
  • Controlled internal bleed hole eliminates pulsation
  • Wide range of valve body sizes including NPT and flange connections
  • 16 different available assembly positions