Itron B838 Pressure Regulator

Itron B838

The B838 series regulators are designed for commercial and industrial applications. The twin unit concept provides excellent control of widely varying inlet pressures and fluctuating flow rates. With the twin internal relief valves and internal monitor available, these regulators have unmatched over pressure protection, while providing significant cost savings from expensive piping and relief valve sets.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates parallel regulator piping installations
  • Light weight
  • Fast response protects equipment from shock damage
  • Field inspection of the internal monitor and internal relief valves without customer shut-off or by-pass
  • Unmatched overpressure protection with internal monitor plus internal relief options
  • Interchangeable brass orifice
  • Combined 226 in 2 of diaphragm area
  • Twin Spring-loaded internal relief valve assemblies
  • Field interchangeable adjustment springs
  • No special adjustment tools required
  • Controlled size breather orifice eliminates pulsation and provides normal actuation at low flows
  • Wide range of valve body sizes