BelGas P99 Pressure Reducing Regulator

BelGas P99

  • Double diaphragm pilot providing quick response and high accuracy requires less droop than a direct operated regulator to obtain the same pressure difference.
  • Pilots assemblies can be exchanged in the field from high to low pressure.
  • Seat selections include an elastomer seat disk against a sharp edge orifice or an elastomer O-ring against a flat orifice.
  • The O-ring against a flat orifice should be used in all applications with 250 psi and above inlet pressure and when heavy main springs are used.
    Features & Benefits:

  • 5 Pilot choices for low to extra high pressure
  • Up to 1,000 psi inlet when fitted with a P39 reducing regulator
  • Loading pressure bleeds downstream – no atmospheric relief

  • City / District gate operation
  • Commercial buildings
  • Boilers, furnace, oven
  • Plant air service