DrilRite SureFlow Clay

SrilRite SureFlow Clay

SureFlow Clay is a proprietary drilling fluid additive blended by DrilRite-Chem LLC for use in all clay formations. When added to drilling fluid slurry, it exhibits unparalleled clay inhibition, sticking reduction, and torque reduction. This product has been field tested with 100% satisfaction by multiple HDD companies in multiple applications throughout the U.S. This product is non-hazardous to the environment.

SureFlow Clay is conveniently pre-mixed and packaged for ease of use. This allows for minimal drilling fluid mixing knowledge, labor, and waste. Use the pre-marked jug label for proper measuring. Simply add 12.8 oz. of SureFlow Clay along with 1 Qt of PolyRite or VisRite per 250-gallons of water. Or after pre-mixing the appropriate amount of bentonite, add 12.8 oz. of SureFlow Clay per 250-gallons of fluid.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Absorbs into the bore wall surface and stops swelling, reducing torque, drag and pipe sticking
  • Coats drill pipe and tooling, reducing bit balling and mud rings that cause frack outs
  • Absorbs into clay cuttings, reducing floculation and high annular pressure
  • Coats clay cuttings to stop sticking, reducing torque