Mustang PS-75 Emergency Squeeze Tool

In natural gas distribution systems steel pipe can produce difficult to squeeze properties that require a super tool. The PS-75, with its massive 34-ton force, is a new design which meets the need for a 2” IPS super tool.

Rapid closure is achieved with short pump strokes that deliver 34-tons of controlled force in a matter of seconds. To release, simply turn the release knob. The PS-75 incorporates newly redesigned rounded jaws which lessen the chances of severing brittle pipe or pipe of unknown chemistry.

For increased safety, any over-pumping activates a unique Pressure Relief Bypass System without reducing pressure on the pipe itself. The Huskie’s latched lower jaw and 90° swivel head are able to navigate the tightest areas while the steelwire centering whiskers and non-conductive fiberglass insulated handles ensure a swifter, safer squeeze-off every time.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Weight: 49lbs
  • Force: 34 Tons
  • Dimensions: 34”x 9”
  • Jaw: 4.68”x 2.63”
  • Optional gauge which offers a reference for approximate range of force necessary to obtain flow control on pipe sizes from 3/4” to 2” IPS.