Footage C100 Manual Squeeze Off Tool

Footage C100 Manual Squeeze Tool

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The model C100 Manual Squeeze Off Tool is designed to squeeze 1/2″ to 2″ PE pipe safely and effectively.

The C100 features 6-sided, positive locking indexable gauge plates, aircraft grade aluminum squeeze bars, chrome plated steel side shafts and a coated feed screw, reducing corrosion and friction.

This tool can be operated with the detachable torque bar or with a ratchet on the integral hex at the top of the feed screw. The unique swing-out / lock-in bottom bar design allows for quick and easy access to the pipe even in confined spaces, and the detachable stabilizing bar provides added stability during the squeeze process.

The C100 also offers an optional grounding spike, and custom gauge plates are available upon request.

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