Ultrashore Aluminum Trench Boxes


Worker safety is one of the top considerations when starting an underground utility construction project. Potential hazards exist everywhere within the industry, including the possibility of a trench collapse. According to OSHA, trenches 5 feet deep or greater require a protective system, unless the area is entirely composed of stable rock. The Ultrashore Aluminum Trench Box was created exactly for these situations and is available from EGW Gas Solutions.


Aluminum Trench Box Specifications

Constructed with a specially corrugated aluminum, these trench boxes provide outstanding protection from trench cave-ins, but they weigh hundreds of pounds less than other shoring products. Easily assembled and broken down, they can be transported to the job site in even the smallest of pick-up trucks. Depending on the depth of your excavation, we carry a variety of aluminum trench box sizes to suit your needs.


Aluminum Trench Box Applications

Light, easy to use, and highly durable, a single set of aluminum trench box panels can be assembled and lowered into a trench by one person, and two people can lower a stacked assembly with minimal effort. All Ultrashore trench box panels can be set-up vertically or horizontally, and are stackable up to 12 feet in Class C soils. They can also be easily transformed into a three or four sided aluminum trench box with the quick-release end closure panels. A variety of accessories are available to make application installation even simpler.


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